I am not my weave

I am not my weave,I’m beautiful and aware of it no matter what you think,what I choose to add on my godly temple doesn’t embark my true roots. Yes I’m proud of me! Eyelashes,eye shadows the use of make-up can never remove my inner being. I choose to be a more approachable because of my desires.Proudly not a fake coz every prince needs a princess with character, simply dressing up to impress is all it is. Although I do it as a feel good song for myself,for even though you won’t admit to my beauty looking in the mirror is all I need to know I’m worth being first choice never second best.Judge not what I remove at night before I go to sleep,but the kindness that remains even after the add ons have be gladly removed. Its not a culture,its motive choosen by those who choose to look and feel like the daring gorgeous princesses god created .
I am not weave ,beautiful naturally I know I am,its all I’ve been all my life,its just add ons they don’t make who I am just an image that changes with seasons:).Proud I am of my natural beauty no matter what you say I’m beautiful and worthy.

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Distraughted heart’

Empty crowded space
Loud silence mode
Staring the lonely darkness of confusion..with agony inside seekin the innocence of peace
For my forgiven self deprives my emotions from falling against your wishes/intentions….I cry…
Tryna mend the broken pieces of my heart scattered in the atmosphere soo cold and haunted
Torn apart inside but not a tear falls willingly wit sunshine…
Acceptance of honesty,through false understood words shelters your place in my heart…blocking it too from hurting even deeper

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The You in I

I’m reason left unfulfilled,purpose left unsolved. I whose hands have marked, percieve greatness conquer the world can’t seem to uplift myself. I’ve swam a mile from courage to get stood up by persistancy. These eyes have seen experience,yet this soul lacks experience advantage. Somehow I gave a little of me to everyone too much that I’m left with a little nothing of myself that can’t be renewed inspired nor motivated,Although my words have healed hearts, opened minds! I’m left crowded by undefined emptiness . Yet I say I have a purpose in this life lurking to be redeemed,by the conscious of naked thoughts,purely decieved heart..I have a purpose

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I Refuse

You say I live,so I refuse to embed trouble and regret.I refuse to be someone who seems better then who I am when I’m the best I can be….I refuse to let those who fear their own dreams withold me from building my empire. I’ve fell soo hard before but I refuse to let those bruises determine my state of mind! Because I’ve also stumbled with slight twitches.I refuse to oneday be haunted by depression to suppression, for failing to live up to fullfilin the superlative of life. I. Refuse…

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Mamela kum..

Usithathaphi isibindi ndoda ndini sokundijongela phantsi,sagqiba uthixo wasipha ingqondo ezilinganayo waze wena wazalwa ngomnye okwa fana nam. Yintoni lena ikwenza uziqhenye kangaka ngobudlavini obu unabo?! Sisigulo saphi esi sikwenza ucinge ba mna soze ndiphumelele kulomhlaba nithi ngowamadoda,kodwa nahluluka kumela ubudoda … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Wow soo here this is me trying to explore the use of words and languages.Everything you’ll feast your eyes on has been written and thought of by me myself and I,is an adventure of growth! A world of my thoughts hoping I’ll get somwhere:)

Happy blogging!

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