Hopeful one

 I called a little lad a little loud today,his walks captured my heart a little too much

A story that struck me like lightening,had a sense of humour

With emotions that floated towards and backwards

He had joy in his voice,his face shone like  sunset of a perfect night

Not a tear of misery not a sign of unhappiness

Yet he was standing in the corner of the street begging for food

Creamed yellow glow teeth with a gap of hope

Braveness bursted through his ears big enough to navigate conversations from  afar

His shadow had a stillness whisper to  it

that every 90 degrees was adjecent to the reflection of his palms on tar

marks of struggle dominated his innocent face with coal dark marks creating patterns

running from the crystals of his bone cheeks to the layout of his chin

breathe like an old fish tank but that sprayed out with every word

his vocabulary was provocative

his terminology was well researched

how could it be that  a human threw such a beautiful gift out on the street of loneliness

to be haunted by troubles of survival

hunting down meals was his daily objective

he need not to know the definition of love

but the feeling of a home cooked meal served with grace


About Abongile Ngalo

I am just a girl.
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