I am she who understands the unspoken language of truth

she who fulfills the intensity faithful climaxed within

paints no image of simplicity nor complexity

Visible enough for a living heart to endure for it knows

I am she who teaches the  imbecile   about the lords that are worshiped

she who stables the conscious mind to unconsciousness

Forbids elements of distinctive thoughts that linger a human error

I am she who believes in being a non-believer

she who sets her own path and stcks to it

Narrows her own life to keep it steady

Follows her heart coz she feels the trust is strong enough

I am she who falls to no feet holds no hand

she who never re-thinks  things that can’t be restarted

Rather regrets  ccompleting those with continous efffects

I am she who knows what’s there to give and take

she who knows how life is not lived

For she follows non but leads her own imagination

I am she without resistance nor worry

Happy is she within

happy be the glory that

I am she


About Abongile Ngalo

I am just a girl.
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