21st Century life

Started out with a little crush,now you banging out in benz cars by people with “status” you don’t even have.Bunking that science class so you can go smoke some kush at the backyard with those peeps you grew up saying you’d never become.Sipping on sky sucking money out from your parents for “text books” spending it booze all day everyday all you thinking about.Lost are the dreams that 7year old had of becomin a Lawyer coz you smokin too much kush varsity admission points higher then you after 3 blunts puffs.It’s not the world just that peer pressure and procastination have taken over you.Moral and values are no longer defined coz being a bad bitch has become a fast trend then twitter itself.Our poor lost soul swallowed by this world yet we don’t know it,coz we busy hussling pussy grinding soo hard even your bff’s ex is an option.Talking about looking for love when the first thing you look for in a guy is how he dresses up with his Carvella or is it now Vans!!Can’t keep up anymore that’s how much you changing,faster then an F1 car turn. You confused but you don’t even know it.

Showing off every new relationship has become a photograph show-off on facebook by all those we claimed to be happily single..were you really happy?! Coz if you were you wouldn’t jumped for the 1st nigga that keep on inboxing you on facebook.That’s how its done nowadays everything said to be “real” but he has to “tat his name on that ass” first before makin its official not even thinking about ever putting a ring on it.Yeah us the believers and doers, Want more then we can offer,speak more word then we understand.Thumbs up on you if you still holding on to those dreams.

Being a bitch won’t make your mom proud,nor get a ring on that finger its time you rise up.Realise being a bitch is bad for you.


About Abongile Ngalo

I am just a girl.
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6 Responses to 21st Century life

  1. Andile Ntoi says:

    I heard about your 21st and I want to come mchana

  2. Zine Jobela says:

    ow Bongie, ure such a good writer. me loves this and me loves you. ur blog is prweeetie

  3. mbesa says:

    Mmmm suprised at how much u’ve grown well done grt depiction of the 21st €en uyitye yonke

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