I am not my weave

I am not my weave,I’m beautiful and aware of it no matter what you think,what I choose to add on my godly temple doesn’t embark my true roots. Yes I’m proud of me! Eyelashes,eye shadows the use of make-up can never remove my inner being. I choose to be a more approachable because of my desires.Proudly not a fake coz every prince needs a princess with character, simply dressing up to impress is all it is. Although I do it as a feel good song for myself,for even though you won’t admit to my beauty looking in the mirror is all I need to know I’m worth being first choice never second best.Judge not what I remove at night before I go to sleep,but the kindness that remains even after the add ons have be gladly removed. Its not a culture,its motive choosen by those who choose to look and feel like the daring gorgeous princesses god created .
I am not weave ,beautiful naturally I know I am,its all I’ve been all my life,its just add ons they don’t make who I am just an image that changes with seasons:).Proud I am of my natural beauty no matter what you say I’m beautiful and worthy.


About Abongile Ngalo

I am just a girl.
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