Distraughted heart’

Empty crowded space
Loud silence mode
Staring the lonely darkness of confusion..with agony inside seekin the innocence of peace
For my forgiven self deprives my emotions from falling against your wishes/intentions….I cry…
Tryna mend the broken pieces of my heart scattered in the atmosphere soo cold and haunted
Torn apart inside but not a tear falls willingly wit sunshine…
Acceptance of honesty,through false understood words shelters your place in my heart…blocking it too from hurting even deeper


About Abongile Ngalo

I am just a girl.
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2 Responses to Distraughted heart’

  1. meezyiv says:

    Aiich, who hurt u?? 😥 sad poem but beautifully written. Sort of like admiring a beautiful sharp knife that’ll end up cutting u or a beautiful rose of which its thorns will prick u. Its a dope one 🙂

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