Fresh start.

Fresh start..

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A step ahead from tomorrow

A glimpse across yesterday

Yet nowhere near today.

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Redefine I

I am better than you

Because I have nothing.

I am smarter than you

Because I don’t need school.

I’m wiser than you

Because i take my own advice.

I am stronger than you

Because I cry myself to sleep.

I am cooler than you

Because the cool kids never want to hangout.

I am beautiful

Because you say I am not.

I am independent

Because I rely on someone.

I am more famous

Because no one knows my name.

I am a joke

Because you never find me funny.

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Fresh start.

‎‎Quit talking like you have no purpose.

Quit feeling depressed.

Quit being a burden.

Quit second guessing yourself.

Quit building up on regrets.

Quit being bitter.‎

Quit feeling useless.‎

Quit following everyone else.

Quit over thinking things .‎

Quit planning without action.

Quit making excuses.

Quit being a mess.

Quit being a nobody.

Refresh, cause the universe awaits a better you tomorrow. ‎

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Hopeful one

 I called a little lad a little loud today,his walks captured my heart a little too much

A story that struck me like lightening,had a sense of humour

With emotions that floated towards and backwards

He had joy in his voice,his face shone like  sunset of a perfect night

Not a tear of misery not a sign of unhappiness

Yet he was standing in the corner of the street begging for food

Creamed yellow glow teeth with a gap of hope

Braveness bursted through his ears big enough to navigate conversations from  afar

His shadow had a stillness whisper to  it

that every 90 degrees was adjecent to the reflection of his palms on tar

marks of struggle dominated his innocent face with coal dark marks creating patterns

running from the crystals of his bone cheeks to the layout of his chin

breathe like an old fish tank but that sprayed out with every word

his vocabulary was provocative

his terminology was well researched

how could it be that  a human threw such a beautiful gift out on the street of loneliness

to be haunted by troubles of survival

hunting down meals was his daily objective

he need not to know the definition of love

but the feeling of a home cooked meal served with grace

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  I am she who understands the unspoken language of truth

she who fulfills the intensity faithful climaxed within

paints no image of simplicity nor complexity

Visible enough for a living heart to endure for it knows

I am she who teaches the  imbecile   about the lords that are worshiped

she who stables the conscious mind to unconsciousness

Forbids elements of distinctive thoughts that linger a human error

I am she who believes in being a non-believer

she who sets her own path and stcks to it

Narrows her own life to keep it steady

Follows her heart coz she feels the trust is strong enough

I am she who falls to no feet holds no hand

she who never re-thinks  things that can’t be restarted

Rather regrets  ccompleting those with continous efffects

I am she who knows what’s there to give and take

she who knows how life is not lived

For she follows non but leads her own imagination

I am she without resistance nor worry

Happy is she within

happy be the glory that

I am she

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21st Century life

Started out with a little crush,now you banging out in benz cars by people with “status” you don’t even have.Bunking that science class so you can go smoke some kush at the backyard with those peeps you grew up saying you’d never become.Sipping on sky sucking money out from your parents for “text books” spending it booze all day everyday all you thinking about.Lost are the dreams that 7year old had of becomin a Lawyer coz you smokin too much kush varsity admission points higher then you after 3 blunts puffs.It’s not the world just that peer pressure and procastination have taken over you.Moral and values are no longer defined coz being a bad bitch has become a fast trend then twitter itself.Our poor lost soul swallowed by this world yet we don’t know it,coz we busy hussling pussy grinding soo hard even your bff’s ex is an option.Talking about looking for love when the first thing you look for in a guy is how he dresses up with his Carvella or is it now Vans!!Can’t keep up anymore that’s how much you changing,faster then an F1 car turn. You confused but you don’t even know it.

Showing off every new relationship has become a photograph show-off on facebook by all those we claimed to be happily single..were you really happy?! Coz if you were you wouldn’t jumped for the 1st nigga that keep on inboxing you on facebook.That’s how its done nowadays everything said to be “real” but he has to “tat his name on that ass” first before makin its official not even thinking about ever putting a ring on it.Yeah us the believers and doers, Want more then we can offer,speak more word then we understand.Thumbs up on you if you still holding on to those dreams.

Being a bitch won’t make your mom proud,nor get a ring on that finger its time you rise up.Realise being a bitch is bad for you.

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